Authentic Coaching for


Stephan is known to get things done and he has delivered multi million dollars sales growth by launching some of the most innovative products in the financial services industry in Asia and Canada

Credited with the turnaround of a Korean insurer that quickly moved from second last to top 3 in the market within three years

Do you find yourself in one of the following situations?


Having Challenges being effective

in a different cultural environment


Running from crisis to crisis

but not making progress with your career


Having Conflicts

with your peers or stakeholders


Difficulty communicating

your messages effectively with others

Let me help you navigate through those difficult challenges with some practical (been there, done that) management approach

All you need to do to start is to accept a 30-minute free no obligation “chemistry” call where we will determine if we can achieve your objectives and turnaround the challenges you are facing into opportunities for growth and success