Beatrice Kosowski Presidente, IBM France:

Stephan is an outstanding coach and the Trusted partner for my leadership development, career progression and impacting positively my performance.
Since the beginning of our collaboration, I have been very impressed by his very active listening, his capability to understand very complex situations and guide me towards simplification and self-resolution. His positive attitude and sincere care assorted with straight talk and impressive experience as Senior Executive is very aligned with my objective to progress with a true growth mindset for me and my teams. I feel very confident that Stephan will help to deliver the best version of my leadership capability as a Senior Executive and as an individual

Jorge Ramiro, CEO Emerging Capital Market Ltd., Hong Kong

I started working with Stephan as a coach at a crucial point in my professional life and my companies development. I was at a point where my companies were `growing beyond a small start up and gearing up to go public. I reached out to Stephan to ask him if he would consider to be my coach, because I was finding it difficult to cope with managing a larger team, amanaging my time and priorities, setting goals and communicating efficiently with my team. The work I did with Stephan allowed me to organise my company and move it to the next stage. I was able to take two of our companies public and our group of companies has now successfully moved from a small start-up to a mature company with excellent growth prospects. Stephan was brilliant at sharing his experience managing a large corporate in a way that was practical and set reachable goals. He is also very sharp in recognising and pointing parts of my leadership style that were detrimental to the progress of the whole company.

Maddy Low, Asia Pacific Learning and Development Lead, BCG Asia

It’s always a revelation when Stephan shares his war stories or coach. He’s a constant reminder to us of a time when business is conducted with a higher sense of integrity but does not impose his ways of working onto his audience. Instead, he has patiently guided many to a level of self-discovery on how things could be done better.
My favorite part about watching Stephan coach has to be when listens deeply, pause and contemplate before sharing his thoughts. And you always know something brilliant is coming your way when he goes into that process!